On fathering...

I am not a father, nor will i ever be one. But i have a father and have observed many throughout the years. So here we are at the tail end of father's day. A holiday that has been overshadowed for years by Mother's Day. (Perhaps to compensate for the injustices women have historically suffered?) I can't help but notice that we are living in interesting times for dads!

The New York Times recently ran an article on fatherhood in Sweden which did tempt many of my friends of both sexes to relocate there! Why? Well because in Europe, father's get equal treatment in terms of days off! But at the same time there has been push back from traditionalists who want to go back to the June Cleaver days of pressed undies.

I found myself wondering today about how one knows if they're a good father? What does it mean to be a good father these days? There seems to be a lot of messages and opinions out there on this topic. It seems like we are all wandering around and having to make our own paths. What are your thoughts?


minnowspeaks said...

I wrote about my father this father's day. I love and respect him deeply though he was "working" during most of my life and my at play and every day images of him are strikingly different. I think he was a better father for me than for my sister just like my mother was a better mother for her than for me. I say that to say this--our (my sister's and my) personalities fit with one better than the other so maybe how "good" a father is, is at least somewhat determined by whether or not their personalities fit well with their children's.
At any rate I enjoyed your blog and am glad you commented so I could follow the link.

Foggy Blogger said...

It is interesting how kids tend to relate more to one parent over another. That's why it takes a village to raise children! Thanks for sharing!